Frequently Asked Questions – Financial

Magic Thermodynamic Box

We anticipate that the time taken to retrofit a magic box will be about 4 hours.

The size of the cylinder which can be retrofitted?

There are a number of different size cylinders in use in the uk. The average sizes are 112 litres to 167 litres. The Magic Box will happily heat upto 300 litres therefore one Magic Box suits all sizes

The number of thermodynamic panels?

The standard system for domestic water heating comes with one panel but for larger installations or where the demand for hot water is high, two may be required. This will not heat the water higher than 55 but speeds up the recovery rate considerably.

Where can the Magic Box be sited?

They can be fitted into an existing airing cupboard if there is space but are often fitted in the garage, utility room, pantry, carport or bathroom. Virtually anywhere.

Where the panel is to be installed?

The panel is normally fitted to a Southerly facing wall. If the panel is to be fitted onto the roof then scaffolding is required which will incur additional cost.The distance between the thermodynamic block and the panel The distance and the route required for the pipework has to be assessed. There is a maximum of 10 metre pipe run between the block and the panel.

This can be extended but will require additional refrigerant being added. The pipe needs to have as few bends in it as possible and so we look for the best way to run it to keep it as straight as we can whilst also ensuring it is unobtrusive and properly protected.

Any extra building or remedial work required?

There will not normally be any require with the Magic Box.

Is the system expensive to run?

No, The Magic Box will usually only consume 300 watts saving around 89% on traditional water heating costs.


The Magic Box has CE and ISO 9001 for Thermodynamic manufacture and more will be added.

Whats the Latest With the RHI Premium Payment?

The Magic Box has CE and ISO 9001 for Thermodynamic manufacture and more will be added.

Whats the Latest With the RHI Premium Payment?

MCS decided to suspend the RHI premium payment from the 19th November 2012. Gemserve are of the opinion that the product should be re-classified as a heat pump due to the fact that is uses a compressor to transfer heat via a refrigerant gas. Until a decision has been made as to what classification the system is to be considered as i.e. thermal solar, heat pump or a totally new category then the premium payments will be suspended.Carbon Trust Interest

Carbon Trust Interest?

In an effort to encourage businesses and commercial enterprises to reduce their carbon emissions the carbon trust can provide 100% funding through Siemens finance. It is an interest bearing loan with rates of between 6% and 10% depending on a companies credit rating. The repayment term is flexible and the repayment rate is set to the same as the annual savings being made.

The carbon trust are business loans of £3,000 to £100,000 available from the Carbon Trust that are provided to assist all UK businesses to fund energy saving projects.

All companies need to be aware of their coming obligation to reduce their carbon emissions. Installing energy efficient equipment and renewable energy systems not only help the environment, help to reduce carbon emissions but also reduce costs for the business. This in turn helps the business be more profitable which is important in this economic climate.

A business can borrow between £3,000 and £100,000
The repayments are set to the same level as the anticipated savings so the acquisition costs are negated meaning the equipment is self funding.
As energy prices increase so do the benefits and savings year on year.
The loans are government funded and unsecured
A straightforward and fast application process with no arrangement fees
The company usually receive a conditional offer within 24 hours of an application being processed
Loans can be repaid over a period of up to 10 years
The energy savings combined with the RHI can reduce the payback time to less than 3 years
The loans are not only for thermodynamic solar systems but can also be used to purchase PV solar and other energy reducing products and technologies.

Interest free loans?

If your business is based in Wales or Northern Ireland then you can obtain interest FREE loans for terms of up to 4 years from the carbon trust. Click here for more info

For Commercial Enterprises and Business Only Energy Efficiency Financing?

Investment in energy efficient equipment makes sound business and environmental sense.

Carbon Trust Implementation Services and Siemens Financial Services have combined forces, and together are offering financing options to all types of organisations, who have been trading for more than 36 months and are seeking to reduce their own energy use. New, more efficient equipment should lower energy bills and with financing payments calculated so that they can be offset by anticipated energy savings, the financing option is designed to pay for itself. The independent carbon saving assessment is undertaken by Carbon Trust Implementation Services while the financing is provided by Siemens Financial Services.

Energy Efficiency Financing Made Easy?
Energy Efficiency Financing is available to a wide variety of organisations and could help you to save money, reduce your energy costs and ultimately become greener.There are a number of affordable financing options available from Siemens Financial Services which can deliver increased energy savings and earnings from the very beginning. The scheme has been designed so that financing payments are offset by anticipated energy savings, therefore new equipment should pay for itself.

Energy Efficiency Financing

Save energy costs, at zero extra cost now!
Energy savings and productivity increases
Cash positive from day one!
Energy Efficiency Financing gives businesses an affordable means to invest in energy saving equipment straight away, with no additional cost, because energy savings pay for the new equipment.

Available finance
By uniquely combining specialist equipment financing from Siemens with the expertise of the Carbon Trust, Energy Efficiency Financing provides an extra line of finance additional to your usual banking arrangements especially important in a credit squeeze.

Trusted brands, peace of mind
Energy Efficiency Financing includes a Carbon Trust energy saving assessment as a matter of course, giving you the peace of mind that the equipment will deliver the energy savings you expect. And with financing provided by Siemens you have the reassurance of working with partners you can trust.

Energy savings and productivity increases
Businesses installing more energy efficient technology with Energy Efficiency Financing often also find that equipment is more productive, delivering energy savings and increased earnings.

Cash positive from day one!
Increasing numbers of businesses are discovering that with Energy Efficiency Financing, they can afford new equipment, and with the savings, become cash positive right from the start.